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Independent Accreditation Service


The ANB strives to raise the standards of neuroscience application to business practice by encouraging the professional accreditation of education, coaching, training, mentoring, seminars, workshops and e-learning that are based on brain and neuroscience concepts.

Here are 5 reasons why you should accredit your activity:

  • Ensure the market has absolute confidence in the services you provide
  • Confirm to clients that your training satisfies specific integrity requirements
  • Maintain high standards in your training, course materials and content
  • Provide a quality service to your clients
  • Inspire confidence in prospective candidates that they are in expert hands

The ANB uses an independent accreditation service that awards CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation to training and learning activities across all professions and sectors. Certifying your materials follows a simple process.

Please submit potentially qualifying CPD materials for accreditation to the team of experienced CPD Assessors at the Independent Accreditation Service to

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